Sunday, January 27, 2013


The end of the world as we know it. You want my guns but you can't have them. You want my vote but you can't buy it. You need my compliance but I will never surrender. I'm the man you fear because I can't be manipulated. Your fear mongering and straw man politics don't apply to my consciousness. I was born a soldier with a pen in hand. A voice in my head that screams loud and clear. I will not comply. I fear no man and bow before one God. You protest. Guns kill people. Legal carry owners stripped bare. The right to bare arms against a tyrannical government. You hide behind the blood of the innocent. Drumming up fear and hysteria. Manipulating the masses to give up their power. Because the man with the gun is the one in charge. But my family will be safe. I will not relent. I am a danger to myself and others. I will push the limits. I am deadly. Violent. A defender of the weak and just. I will keep us safe yet throw us into despair. I will teach my sons and daughters the secret of the gun. He who holds the power is the master of none. But at least a fighting chance shall we have to live another day if only we can master the courage to kill.