Sunday, July 18, 2010

Illegal Immigration and prison.

The last thing this state needs is more non-citizens in jail. We already over incarcerate our citizens with prison terms too long and a department of corrections too soft on punishment. Why shouldn't gang bangers get real jobs? If you go to prison we(the law abiding tax payers of California) feed you. Clothe you. Educate you. Train you. Provide free medical, dental and vision care. Psychological therapy. Drug and alcohol counseling. Anger management.

Does anyone else see the problem here? I have over $50,000 in student loans. No insurance for myself or children. I have visa charges up the butt from paying for my clothes, food, insurance and rent because unemployment is maxed out at $450.00 a week when you use to earn $2500.00 a week at the job that doesn't exist anymore because the economy is in the toilet.

The prison system needs to return to hard labor. Let the prisoners do the work that some on this site claim "only Hispanics will do" and then there will no longer be a need for illegal immigrants to pick lettuce, grapes, spinach and strawberries. Cheap labor=Exploitation. Check yourself the next time you hire someone for cash you picked up at home depot or found on craigslist with no license, no insurance and no legal immigration status.

Illegal aliens are Illegal. They violate our laws. They bring with them (both the good and the bad) a community that is insular and breeds the criminal street gangs that have destroyed this city. Look around. The faces of Salinas have changed. There is a mass exodus of good people. Whether they flee to the safety of the hills in Las Palmas, Corral De Tierra, Toro Park or some other economically inflated piece of exclusionary real estate in an attempt to shelter themselves from the violence of Salinas or worse, completely leave the county, state or country in an attempt to find peace and respite from violence.

Wake up Salinas. Wake up California. Wake up America. The man with the gun is at your door. The police can't do your job for you. Take responsibility. Pick up your phone. Get involved. Testify in court. Defend your life and your family by any means necessary. Terrorists win when we alter our lives to reduce the risk of exposure. Shopped at Northridge lately? Drank coffee at an outside cafe in East Salinas at night? Why? Because you're afraid? There are more good citizens in Salinas than there are violent criminals.

In El Salvador citizens took to the streets and found the tattooed faces of the MS13 gangsters they knew were responsible for murder, rape, kidnapping and extortion, dragged them from their homes and the city prison and executed them. Not the government. Citizens. Just plain old, angry,frustrated citizens who were tired of living in fear. They dragged them in the streets and killed them. MS13 members no longer tattoo their faces.

Change Comes from Within.

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